Grooming Custom Success in San Diego 

*This six-week period consists of two meetings (minimum of 1.5 hours each) a week 

* We cannot raise your student's grade above 100% nor if it is below 41%

* Results also depend on how much effort the student is willing to contribute

* If your student has special learning circumstances we must be aware of, please notify us in advance. Our hand-picked team specializes in working with students with special needs

Our Mission 

Our job is not finished after your student attains the grade desired;

we ensure your student comprehends the material thoroughly. 

The deeper understanding ensures  flexibility 

during tests and new study skills for future courses. 

Our Guarantee

With the adequate and ample attention our tutors  will provide, 

your student's grade will increase a whole letter grade in just six weeks.* 



UC Berkeley '11/ ASU' 17

BS in Integrative Biology/ MA in Finance

​Minor: Mathematics

Specialty: SAT math, AP Calculus AB, AP Stats,

AP Biology, and AP Chemistry

​Years active: 5


UCLA '10

BA in Anthropology

Minors: Economics and English

Specialty: SAT verbal, AP English, AP Psyc

AP Econ, and college admission essays 

​Years active: 6